How Bailouts Work

Why does it matter?

The danger of bailouts is that it consolidates more governmental political power.   That it could lead to a digital currency,  which some people in various religious/prophetic circles connect to the mark of the beast.

When government wants to “help you”, this is the pattern.  It creates a problem (open borders, killing the Keystone pipeline, starting a war in Ukraine. chemtrails, Covid created in a lab, printing trillions of dollars, etc.), then comes in with a solution that increases power and wealth for its political class players.

Below is some neglected and ignored wisdom.

Repost: President Ronald Reagan Quote “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

Economics affects the future of the children. Problems kicked down the road create problems for the next generation. It is necessary to understand enough of what the corrupted political class is doing in order to not get deceived by it or sucked into it. It is necessary to stand against the consolidation of globalist, elitist power to help ensure a better future for children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Addendum after the original post:

Former Clinton Treasury Official Claims Biden Has ‘Effectively Nationalized’ the Banking System

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Christian Colleges

Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Liberty University

People attend college to attain particular skills for a future profession.

If you are looking for industry type professions, you might consider looking at MikeRoweWorks.

Community colleges are often a place to gain skills at a lesser cost.

There are two aspects to community colleges.

Some teach actual hands-on professions, such as welding, auto mechanics,  and computer graphics.

Some offer the initial lower level courses, or even complete courses, depending on the career such as nursing assistant or dental hygienist.

It is possible to save money if you have a wise strategy.

For someone planning on ultimately attending a four-year college, by completing the first two years at a community, it may be possible to save a significant amount of money.

Another strategy to save money is to take dual credit courses in high school.

CLEP-ing out of tests is also a possibility.  There are other tests besides the CLEP test as well.  You need to check with those colleges/universities you are considering to find out the possibilities that they offer.

But beyond saving money, and just getting through a college, it is important to pick the right college or university, not just in terms of a major, but also for character development.

In today’s world,  many secular colleges and universities teach things like marxism or  transgenderism.

If a student ends up in a class like that, or with a teacher of that ilk, it might not be possible to get a passing grade unless the student pleases the teacher with papers that harmonize with the teacher’s philosophy.

Students need to be able to live according to their conscience and not write papers contrary to their conscience.

Here are some Christian Colleges and Universities that offer many different majors.

  • Regent University (in Virginia)
  • Liberty University (in Virginia)
  • Oral Roberts University (in Oklahoma)
  • Hillsdale College (in Michigan)




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John Witherspoon’s Sermon | May 17, 1776 | The dominion of Providence over the passions of men


Who was John Witherspoon?

The dominion of Providence over the passions of men

John Witherspoon quotes

College focusing on “learning, character, faith, and freedom“.



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“‘We Were Wrong'”



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Repost: Morning Prayer Don Francisco

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