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Elections Have Consequences

Repost from the Babylon Bee….

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Repost: Clown World: College Girl Gets Zero On Project For Using Term ‘Biological Women’

Clown World: College Girl Gets Zero On Project For Using Term ‘Biological Women’

My comment is that it would seem the only answer moving forward is to have reviews of colleges, similar to Amazon reviews.  Regardless of what the college says about itself, it is the students who will best know if the college requires a woke marxist ideology in order to do well on papers.  Vote with your educational dollars and don’t give them to woke marxist universities.

At the time of this writing, some places I know of that are not woke are:

Also at the time of this writing, both Liberty University and also Hillsdale College offer a certain amount of homeschool curriculums.

Also, Mike Rowe Works is a good place to look for those who want skills and training in various trades.




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Repost from the Babylon Bee

Repost: Apple Explains Why You Should Get Your Kid An iPhone

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Repost:  Steve Bannon interviewed by Mike Adams: Saving the Republic is within our grasp!

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How to watch The Chosen in another language

The Chosen - Nicodemus talks with Mary

The Chosen press photos (, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is how to watch The Chosen in another language.

Click on Watch.

Scroll down.

Go to The CHOSEN.

Click on The CHOSEN.

There are several Seasons.

Each season has several episodes or shows.

The shows go in order.

Start with Season 1 and Episode 1.

Then go to Season 1 and Episode 2.

You can go through all the episodes or shows in order.

Click on Season 1 and Show 1.

Scroll to the bottom right of the video.

You will see a translation icon.

Pick the language you want.

Watch the subtitles.

Please give this information to others.

Thank you.

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