John Adams

When you listen to the quality of character that existed at the time of the founding of this nation, you can see how far those who involve themselves in Government, as well as the media, have fallen.

It is a known fact that the education system, including the study of history, has been taken over by the progressives. The exception may be some private, religious, or home schools, but definitely history through public education, as well as at the university level, has been taken over by marxist forces or some kind of “progressive”, secular force.

What is the option? The option is to homeschool through The Ron Paul Curriculum. This is not only a fine education, but it also prepares the student to work independently. It also gives the student a chance to learn about running his or her own business (this is in the higher grades). It also teaches how to get a college degree economically.

If you are struggling, looking for a good solution for education, take some time and really study their website and what they have to offer. At the very least, you will come away enriched for having spent some time at the site.

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