Teaching Children How to Read – Simple Tips For You

There are things you can do to help teach a child how to read that can be done mainly with some effort.  Books are available through the library or can be given as gifts or available for cheap at thrift stores.  YouTube offers sight word videos for free.  Reading material is currently readily available with a little effort.

One of the most important things that you can do to teach your child to read is to read with him.  Don’t depend on someone else such as the public school to teach reading.  Be a participant by reading to your child.   This can be done by letting them pick a book with simple words and pictures.  When children are first learning to read, the larger the print, the better.  This is just the beginning, though. A key is to be consistent and to keep at it.

If you feel like your child may need a little more assistance than the time you have available to read, you can always contact a tutor to help out.  Or, enlist extra family help.  Have an older sibling do some reading daily.  Or, have a grandparent, or aunt or uncle help out, or an older cousin.  They will know what your child needs and be able to give them the support they need.

There is a debate as to whether phonics or sight reading is better.  That fact is, children learn to talk without phonics and they can also learn sight reading as well.  Phonics also works.  A lot depends on how the parent wants to teach it.  This writer prefers sight to phonics, but since the energizing factor is the teacher, the teacher must be convinced of the value of a system in order to teach it enthusiastically, so in the end, either way can work.  However, there are many word variations from the phonics models, so in the end, some words have to be learned by sight anyway.

There are now videos on YouTube that allow you to teach reading.  It is best if they are kept simple and to the point.  If they focus too much on entertainment rather than just learning to read, the child may expect to be entertained all the time during school.  Also, it is important to find videos that have good values because some of them definitely do not teach good values.


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