Social Engineering Invades Cartoons

As parents or guardians, you are probably already aware that you need to be alert about material that is taught in the classrooms, even in elementary classes, or tucked away in libraries.

And, you have probably seen the degeneration of Disney as it has taken a much darker turn.

Another target is cartoons, as noted in this brief news video.

It’s Everywhere

Clean alternatives for children’s entertainment include:

  • Pureflix (movies and documentaries for all ages, child and adult)
  • Yippee (through TBN)
  • Superbook (throuch CBN)
  • Veggietales (available in multiple formats)
  • TBN.org Saturday morning children’s shows
  • Sight N Sound (high quality Christian-themed theater)
  • The Chosen (available through an app and other formats)

Other resources are listed here; scroll down to view under “Children’s Resources”.

It can be tempting to set children in front of a TV or video while you try to get other work done.

If you are going to do that, get a subscription to a clean channel alternative so you can breathe with ease knowing that the content being delivered is building character, not destroying it.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Homeschooling Family


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Here are some thoughts about gifts.

  • Get a book or video that will help someone learn about Jesus or grow in his/her Christian faith.
  • If you have the opportunity to buy the same item from two different vendors, support the Christian or conservative business rather that the global oligarchical system.  Use your purchasing power in line with your values.

Some ideas for either those who have everything or ideas that will benefit whole families year round, are subscriptions, or individual shows.  You can contact the companies themselves with any questions on that.

Sight & Sound Theaters

These are extremely high quality Biblical or Christian-themed productions.   You can get a year-long virtual subscription to view them.


Currently, at the time of this writing, The Chosen is showing on PureFlix.  It took me over a year to follow someone’s suggestion to watch the series, but I have to agree with the person who recommended it, it is very good.  It would be a good show to have playing in the background during the Christmas season, when maybe you have some visitors who don’t know the Lord.

On Pureflix, there are videos and resources for all ages, including some documentaries that are good for homeschoolers.  It definitely would be worth the money to give a subscription as a gift.  The bonus is, you would cover all age groups in a family at the same time.


These are high quality Christian-themed, Biblically-themed cartoons created by CBN.  Many are in foreign languages as well.  Again, this is a good thing to play when neighborhood children are over who may not know Jesus.  These short 1/2 hour shows draw the relationship between a past Biblical historical event and a modern challenge a child might face.  There are some available on YouTube that you can watch.  I believe there is a membership where you get the newest creations by subscription.

VeggieTales and Yippee

These are available through TBN.  I believe there are some videos for purchase, at least for VeggieTales.  TBN has a traditional children’s cartoon/children’s showtime on Saturday mornings.  You can learn more at the TBN site.  TBN is a worldwide Christian television station that has programming for all ages, as well as TBN related television stations in other parts of the world and in other languages.


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