There are lots of niche professions not suited to everyone, but for the person with the eye, skill, and ability to learn, there are niche professions that society needs.

Here’s one about a cobbler, click here to view the article.

In the article, it also talks about those who are able to revive old clothing in an artistic way.  In today’s economy, that might be a good choice as a gig job for someone who is a talented seamstress.  People also used to take ironing as a side job.

It is worth thinking about what skill you have that others need and developing that on the side.  While you may not feel your skill is that unique, there are people devoid of that skill, who need it, or who simply may not have the time to do the task themselves.  This is not the economy of the elaborate, esoteric, and  unnecessary.  Basic everyday goods and services are what matter.

Additionally, if you are professional and clean up after yourself, people will be impressed if you can leave the job site as good or better than you came to it.  There are hands-on people who can do good work, but then leave a mess or don’t clean up.  If you are neat and tidy, you will earn for yourself a good reputation and people will be more likely to call you for repeat business.

It is possible to get trained in a “hands-on” type of profession by going to a community college at significantly less cost and time than a four-year school.

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