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Fast Simple Guide to Goal Setting

If we can remember well, aspirations and dreams have always been with us ever since we were small kids. We wanted to become top level professionals. Others wanted to be doctors, pilot, astronauts and others wanted to like own a mansion by the age of 20. Setting goals is still with us and will always be with us. It is important to note that setting goals does not simply refer to saying what you want in life, it also entails having a drive and perseverance needed to tackle what it needs to accomplish the goals that you have so set.

There are a number of methods that you need to take in to account so that you setting effective and attainable goals. The first step is to put the goals that you have set on paper. Write your goals down. This is important owing to the fact that our brain cannot remember everything. There’s a lot that is already at its disposal to process. When you write the goals down they keep you on track because you can look at them and work towards them. Place the list of the goals you have set in a place that you can see them on a frequent basis. This is to ensure that you do not forget the goals set.

Secondly, one should determine that he/she truly wants to attain. Do not do something because you are aiming at pleasing others. Being true to youself is important. Goal setting does not work if you are aiming at pleasing others. The pleasure to attain the goal should be within you. The goals should be in such a way that the please and excite you as an individual. This is vital owing to the fact that you are the one working towards achieving.

Ensure that the goals do not contradict.  Too many goals going too many directions are impossible to attain by one person.  Stick to being very realistic to the goals that you are setting. Set goals that are attainable ones that you can reach without much strain. Also provide a detailed list of subgoals. This is important and will ensure that you get move along with ease. They also tend to minimize instances of confusion.

Another guide to attaining your set goals is to always stick to your goal plan. Do not stray. Do not keep on changing what you want and moving to other irrelevancies.  If you sincerely think about your goals earnestly at the beginning, and choose goals in line with your interests and talents, it will be easier for you continue to move towards those goals.

Another key to attain your goal is to be consistent and maintain a high level of discipline.

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