danger of bailout

How Bailouts Work

Why does it matter?

The danger of bailouts is that it consolidates more governmental political power.   That it could lead to a digital currency,  which some people in various religious/prophetic circles connect to the mark of the beast.

When government wants to “help you”, this is the pattern.  It creates a problem (open borders, killing the Keystone pipeline, starting a war in Ukraine. chemtrails, Covid created in a lab, printing trillions of dollars, etc.), then comes in with a solution that increases power and wealth for its political class players.

Below is some neglected and ignored wisdom.

Repost: President Ronald Reagan Quote “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”

Economics affects the future of the children. Problems kicked down the road create problems for the next generation. It is necessary to understand enough of what the corrupted political class is doing in order to not get deceived by it or sucked into it. It is necessary to stand against the consolidation of globalist, elitist power to help ensure a better future for children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Addendum after the original post:

Former Clinton Treasury Official Claims Biden Has ‘Effectively Nationalized’ the Banking System

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