“‘Masterful Doublespeak'”

Experts ‘Astounded’ After FDA Rejects Request to Add Health Risks to COVID Vaccine Labels


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Repost: Viral satire video mocks rise in unexplained heart problems as ‘medical coincidence’

A tip to pass onto those who still need to know….

Watch the video at LifeSiteNews by clicking the link below.

More information available at

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Modern Day Child Sacrifice

To be blunt…you need to know this so you don’t inadvertently murder your own children, by listening to, and following people who either are ignorant themselves or who don’t have the courage to stand up to the globalists.  In the end, you and your children become the “road kill” and bear the “risk” for decisions made on the basis of greed, power, and  the worship of mammon and Baal.  Don’t become a casualty  or collateral damage in a war by ignorance.

Read the article at Natural News by clicking the link below.

CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” … nationwide child sacrifice ritual disguised as “immunization”

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