4 Habits to Help You Focus Better

4 Habits to Help You Focus Better

Focusing comes in different forms for everyone.   Keep reading for four tips that can help you find your focus.


  1. Have a Daily Plan

You should wake up every morning with a plan of what your day will look like.  It is good to start thinking about this the night before and make some preparation if you need to.   This doesn’t have to be a detailed schedule that outlines every minute. But having a plan in place will eliminate small decisions that can get you off track. Having a plan will also give you a clear goal for how your day should progress and end. Take time every evening to write out (not just in your head) the plan for the next day. It can include what you will have for breakfast and lunch.  You may have to prep some things for the next day’s home school session.   Do what you need to in your situation to make things easier for you.  Every household is different.


  1. Moment of Enjoyment

Every day take at least a small amount of time to do something you really enjoy.   Maybe give yourself a short break after school just to rest and recharge.  Enjoy a few minutes simply resting, or having an afternoon cup of tea.  Have a short exercise break.   Having that moment of enjoyment will give you a respite from all the to-do’s that fill your day and give you time to reset and prepare for what comes next.

Sometimes just taking a moment to do something different will give you a rest even though you might still be “working” in someone else’s eyes.    Simply because it is a different kind of work you can get a few minutes of enjoyment and rest from what you were doing.


  1. Be Persistent

If a task isn’t coming easily to you, feel free to walk away for a few minutes or even a day.  Maybe you’ve been trying to set up a field trip and it just isn’t flowing.  Be persistant overall and don’t give up.  But see if there is a better way to do it.  Sometimes when things don’t flow right away we need to step back and see if there is a message to pay attention to.    Overall though, don’t allow yourself to bounce from unfinished task to unfinished task.  It is best to bring a task to completion before moving on.  In the long run, you will save time and energy. Don’t avoid difficult work.  If tasks are half-done, ask yourself “why”?  Are they commitments you have made that you really have no incentive to finish?  As you find your core purpose, and arrange your tasks around that, it will eliminate extraneous tasks.


  1. Have a Day Off

“There’s no rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need it” is a familiar turn of phrase that praises the busy. But we all know that it isn’t the truth. We all need a day off to rest, reset, and recuperate. We also need time with our families and friends to fill our cups and remind us why the hard days are worth it.  When God created the world he made six days for work and one for rest.




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