Protecting the Future: Christian Home Schooling

What can parents do if they want to protect their child from the negative influences of public schools? For many parents, the answer has been Christian home schooling. Over the recent decades, the public school system has become less and less welcoming to the Christian child, from the end of prayer in school to the battle over evolution; it is daily getting harder to raise a child in a Christian environment. While some parents can afford to move their children into private school, for most of us this is still out of reach, leaving us to find a program for Christian home schooling.

Choosing Christian Home Schooling

Public schools can be dangerous. Many people are becoming frightened by the growing trend in violence, drugs, and gangs at many of the public schools around the nation. Yet for the Christian child the dangers can be longer lasting. Daily, they go into a worldly environment and face temptations on all fronts. Their teachers can be little help, even those who can find their hands tied by the system. From drugs to evolution, the kids find themselves surrounded, and pressured from all directions. Christian private schools can improve the situation but can be very expensive, setting them far outside the means of the average family.

Christian home schooling gives the power back to the family. At home, parents can better protect their children from the worldly influences of the public schools without the price of the private schools. At home, parents have control of both the environment and the curriculum.

Parents look to Christian home schooling as a way to not only tailor education to their children, but also look to their religious instruction. Public education has so moved against the Christian upbringing that students can even find it difficult to pray. Add into that having studied Darwin’s theory of evolution as opposed to creation and the Christian student has little room for their beliefs.

Some critics accuse those who choose Christian home schooling of isolating their children in an attempt to hide them from a world that they will have to deal with eventually. The parents respond to this as a form of protection, not isolation. Should their children have to fight temptation and a worldly school program when they only want education? The fight against the world can come later, after they have been raised up in a Christian way, giving them the tools to fight. For many parents, Christian home schooling is the best way to protect the future, to protect their children.


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