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I’m writing this blog post as a heart-to-heart, if we were sitting down, just talking, and I was just sharing some information.

The world is crazy out there.  The threat of the shots and masks are overwhelming to parents making educational decisions about their children.  The shots are dangerous.  The masks become dirty with germs and hinder oxygen flow.

Before going onto the homeschool information specifically, I want to point out a site dedicated to information from whistleblower-type doctors, scientists, lawyers, and people who share the consequences of taking the jab.  This information may help you.  Go here to learn more about the shots and the fact that they are experimental.

I started with the covid/mask issue because a big reason of why you may be thinking about home schooling may have to do with the shots.

Big question.  Can children succeed with home schooling?

Absolutely.  Some go on to run businesses, become CEOs, get Ph.D.s and succeed in all sorts of marvelous ways.

Often you will see students who are home-schooled winning spelling bees.

Here’s my opinion as to why there can be outstanding success with homeschooling.

In my opinion, the big “sin” of education is boredom.  Once a child learns something, he or she wants to learn the next thing.

If  a child is bored, he can develop behavioral problems, or tune out, or focus on something else.

With home school, you will find children will finish their lessons generally quicker.  I say “generally” because every child has a subject he is better in or less geared to, but overall, lessons move along quicker.

You don’t have to hold back to the slowest in the class.  “No child left behind” means, in reality, gearing the class to the slowest student.

So this means a child who can speed ahead is held back to the slowest- moving students.

In public schools, having substituted there, discipline, or rather the lack of it, is a huge problem.  In today’s world, students and parents can complain and bring lawsuits againts teachers.  Just look at what they have done to police.  They’ve been hindered from doing their jobs because of politicizing.  The same thing happens in schools.  So teachers are not the disciplinarians they used to be, for reasons of self-preservation.  Who can blame them?  Cell phones are allowed in the rooms, at least in the public schools around here.  The “reasoning” is if there is an emergency.  My comment is what happened to the parent calling the secretary in the front office and a message being delivered to the student?  In any case, the pressure of liberalism and wokeness has destroyed education and the classroom, in my opinion.  Again, in my opinion, only the natural nerdiest- type of children who keep their noses in books regardless of whatever is going on around them have the best chance of succeeding.

Those early grades are so important, learning to get the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  However, due to various reasons, children are pushed through without learning the basics.  You see reports of children who do poorly in reading, writing and other subjects by the time they graduate high school.  They are passed from grade to grade without really learning.   The school has to move them on to the next level regardless.

In home school, you can make sure your child learns.  After all, this is your child, you are there, you know what is happening, and you can spend extra time on a lesson until a child masters it.  And, as pointed out previously, if a child grasps a point quickly, you don’t need to belabor the point.  Go to the next lesson.   You can ensure your child gets educated at home.

Now this is assuming that you are doing the whole home school curriculum.  An alternate scenario that also works very well is several families homeschooling together.  This has the advantage of different parents with different gifts and strengths running different classes.  With the educational materials available nowadays, you can have confidence you can do this.  Some materials are very specific and lay things out step-by-step.  There are resources to help you.

One of the biggest resources are home school associations.  Usually, they are by state, but with the internet, you can learn from various groups all over.  You can find what you need.  It is recommended that you use a search engine like duckduckgo as Google manipulates search results as this video from a whistleblower discusses.

Going back to the topic of combining strengths, you can arrange for parents to monitor and help in the classes they are most comfortable with.  Along with covering the standard basics of math, science, reading, writing, and history, this arrangement also allows for unique extra curricular activities for the children to learn things they may not learn in school:  cooking, sewing, carpentry, gardening, changing a tire, basic life skills, survival skills, first aid, art, music, religious training, and all sorts of things.  All parents have different unique gifts in this respect.  You can educate your child in a greater way than is possible in a state school with set curriculums.

When it comes to foreign languages, there are all sorts of online learning systems available nowadays.

When home schools are run as group classes among families, then the part about moving ahead from lesson to lesson may not apply as much as in a singular home school situation, but there can be an arrangement that if a student finishes his or her work early, he or she can read a book or do some other project.

What about graduation?  What about tests to enter college?  What about children at that level?

First of all, when it comes to colleges, a lot of them have been taken over by marxists.  You don’t want your child going there until that is cleared up.

Part of the problem is, if a child takes a history class, or some other class, and gives a conservative answer on a paper, he can be flunked out if the teacher does not get what he wants.  So consider conservative schools.  There are only a few I would trust at this point.

The Ron Paul Curriculum recommends that the high schooler take as many entry level courses as possible in high school, and then use CLEP tests to test out of various classes.  That way, a child can enter college at nearly a junior level.  This both saves time and money.  You can read more about that here.

Out of all that I know about home schooling at this point, I would recommend first a serious look at the Ron Paul curriculum.   This is the most hands off approach I have seen and the level of responsibility I believe it develops in the child, I believe is top shelf.  Take a few hours and thoroughly look through what he offers there.

The benefit is that you, as the parent, are probably still working and need a way to balance work and home school.  Or, maybe you have a relative, maybe a grandparent, watching the children while you work, but someone not really able to deal with the rigors of homeschooling as well.  An online course like the Ron Paul curriculum solves that problem.  I recognize each individual household has unique situations to work through.  Of course, the only problem is if the internet goes down.  In that case, plan to have backup materials or projects for those days.  Even public schools plan for snow days.

The one caveat is if you cannot control your child.  This is the story from one dad who says the curriculum was good, but the kids wandered off to other things (since this is an online course).

What are some courses I recommend?

If you look in the side bar, there are some links to various curriculums and stores that sell curriculums.  Look there.

Again, get into a home school organization.  Attend their meetings.  Talk to parents who already have homeschooled.  They will give suggestions, experiences, and their thoughts about various curriculums if you ask.

In today’s world there are so many different home school options.  Home school has come a long way.  There are courses that are totally taught at home.   There are some that are hybrids of being taught at home or some days in a group setting.  There are courses that work online only.   This is why you have to do some searching, some talking to people who have homeschooled before you to draw on their experience, and some looking around.

One option is Hillsdale College.  If you have group that wants to homeschool, Hillsdale has some good history classes.  I thought they had a charter school arrangement.  In writing this post I checked, and I could not find that though I thought I had seen it at a previous time.  You would need to check with them what is current.  They also have online courses for high school and college age and adults.  These are free, though donate so they can keep going.  They have excellent material.  Again, like the Ron Paul curriculum, spend some time there and see what is available.

I recommend that as you do your searches that you start a folder or text document or create some organized way to keep track of that which interests you the most.  Google does hide searches so just because you come across something once does not mean you will be able to find it again.  Bookmark sites.  Save your searches.

I wish you and your children success in your home school journey.

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