Nasal Wash – Study the video and article for more information

In seeking to keep the family healthy, what are some things you can do?

While you may not initially have time to watch this whole video, you can go to the part about the nasal wash. The study he presents is very interesting.

Start at 1:24:35 for beginning of that part of the discussion.

Of course, if you have children in the house, whether your own or visitors, you want to keep the iodine away from them, as too much is toxic.

Dr. Peter McCullough gives the formula for dilution.

Here is an article as well.

His site is

Separately, and unrelated to Dr. Peter McCullough above, here is information on how to get Ivermectin.

The information comes from this video.

It seems appropriate to put both of these in the same post.  Feel free to share this post or any of the posts on this site.  This is important information that could help a family member, friend, neighbor, or fellow home schooler.

If you take the time to listen to both videos, you will see that both of these doctors say similar things about the fact that the spike protein can remain in the system, even up to months.  They are dealing with different topics and aspects of this, but if you listen to both videos…multi-task while you are driving or however you multi-task…you will learn a lot.

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