My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

Ignorance is not bliss and during these times parents are concerned about many things regarding their children and public school: masks, the threat of jabs (without your permission due to UN protocols), CRT, bullying, leftist teachers pushing a transgen agenda (without parental knowledge) and more.

From time to time various videos are posted on some of the above topics.

This post though will focus on critical information regarding the jab and hospital protocols.

You (or your children) can die or be killed if you do not understand the dangers of hospital protocols and the jab. You should at least study this information once for an informed decision.

Dr. Ardis Video

Another Dr. Ardis Video

Also, Dr. Andreas Noack (chemist) taught something he knew about that does not show up in petri dishes. In other words, a biologist or doctor will not know this. There is a 4 page .pdf you can read, as well as a video to watch.  The video starts with his wife and then goes on to his recorded talk.

Dr. Andreas Noack Talk

At a sister site,  ShineOnHealth there are multiple videos and articles about Covid-related incidents or knowledge are posted or reposted.  All of them are very important.  The three links listed above are not intended in any way to slight any of the other fine professionals and the knowledge they have shared.  All is very important.  But since many people are confused about hospitals, they should start with the Dr. Ardis information.  Then keep educating yourself with more information.

At the site, you can do search for other doctors you have heard about like Dr. Zelenko or Dr. Peter McCullough or others.  You can try search terms of “Dr”, “Dr.”, “Doctor” or use their name.  This is why it is recommended to save posts you prefer to share.

Do a search for “Ivermectin” as well.  I personally took Ivermectin and credit it for helping me recover.  Saying that Ivermectin does not work is a lot of horse nonsense (pun intended).

Please share this information with people you know.  It might save their lives, or the lives of those they know.

Please share this site with others by either linking to it or sharing the link. Thank you.

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