Hiring Tutors For Homeschooling

Some parents just aren’t particularly suited to providing education. Yet they want the best education possible for their child and know that public school can’t provide that. Private school is often economically out of reach, and still often a second-best in terms of quality. The solution is to hire a tutor.

The first step to hiring a tutor is to research the availability of the type of tutor you seek. That means, deciding on the type of homeschooling approach you want to take for your child. That will, naturally, involve thinking deeply about the learning style of your individual progeny. Matching tutor to child is key to avoiding those initial bumps that can be foreseen. Tutor or no, that is crucial to the long-term success of homeschooling.

One popular method of homeschooling tends to focus more on observing the child, rather than having the child observe the teacher. That shift, advocated by Maria Montessori and many other education innovators, means finding a tutor of a certain sort. But there are many flexible, innovative educators still around today.

Other approaches to homeschooling are more structured, such as the Classical method. Modeled after monastic education, in which students have a rigorous set of challenges to stretch the mind, this kind of tutor is also popular. Such individuals are highly educated, have keen minds and provide a wealth of resources to provide to students.

Tutoring can work well in a homeschooling situation. Many homeschool students are motivated and eager to learn. All they need is some guidance and the resources that a good tutor can provide. With email, interactive video software and other contemporary tools, that assistance can often be given entirely online. That expands the pool of tutors available to parents to a very wide area.

It may be possible to find a college student who needs some of project in order to complete studies.

It might actually be possible to find an honors high school student or college student who is willing to tutor on the side.  When you are a part of a homeschool organization, you might find some bright high school homeschoolers who have successfully help tutor their younger siblings and might be willing to be hired out to help with your child.


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