Creation Colleges

God creates Adam

Here is a link to a list that compiled the names of Colleges that teach Creation.

Why is this important?

All of the Bible, and Western Civilization, hangs upon the fact of whether or not man was created or whether mankind evolved from a blob of living matter.

If Man [“Man” or “Mankind” includes men and women in the generic sense, traditionally, prior to English gramatical changes, “man” referred to mankind in general] is a created by God, in the image of God (which he is), the each man or woman or child is answerable to the God who created them. And we know that this God has given us information on how to find Him, on how to be born again into His Kingdom, and how to live, both personally and nationally. That guidance is in the Bible.

Western Civilization was built on the principles called the Judeo/Christian principles.

To deny the existence of God, the existence of a Creator, and the existence of communication from that Creator to mankind (in the Bible) is to rip the foundations of Western Civilization and revert to an ananarchial, dog-eat-dog, shark-eat-victim, survival-of-the-fittest (even if the “fittest” are lawbreakers and murderers), law-of-the-jungle type of existence.

If man was created from slime, then by implication, there is no moral order, and no one to answer to, no conscience to obey, no Creator to obey.

Yes, to believe that man is created by the Lord God of the Bible is very important.

Man is created in the image of God. Therefore, it is important to go to a college that teaches that.

A college that does not teach creationism very likely is subject to teaching atheistic marxism as well.

So consider carefully your choices.

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