An Example of In Depth Scientific Information


In a world that has degenerated into posting what is trendy or politially correct or managed information, there is a lack of examples of actual scholars presenting scholarly information.

Here is a scientist presenting actual statistical information.

And while this is not a “home school” topic as such, it may be of interest to older students who are thinking of going into a scientific field. It will give them exposure to actual science, not just politically correct talking points.

A lot of times newscasters say “experts say”. Well, what are the facts? This scientist focuses on facts, not nebulous, unnamed, “experts say”.

Of course, this topic will also be of interest to all parents who are caught in the throes of dealing with this topic.

During this whole “plandemic” there are politicians and judges with no scientific background making medical decisions.

The media talks about “the experts say”, but present no facts.

This scientist presents facts, diagrams, statistics and data.

Learn from a true scientist about Covid and the “vaccine” shot.

Watch this video starting at about [minute:second] 73:36.

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