A Short Review of Goal Setting


If you plan on home schooling, you need to set a goal for the outcome of what you want at the end of the child’s (children’s) years in your home school system.  What do you want that to look like?  Of course, you need the basics.  But you also have a wide bearth of potential in what you teach your child or children.  Do you want them to also learn:  music, art, foreign languages, a trade, Constitutional history, Christian history and so much more.

The possibilities are endless, to use a well-worn phrase.  But it is true.  There are so many options because of online learning you can taylor what is taught to gifts and talents that you notice, as a parent, in your child.  You also have the ability to teach them patriotic values and religious/moral values, the lack of which we have recently seen in the public streets as children brought up in the school system and educated in marxist-oriented higher educational school have looted, rioted, burned cities and torn down statues.  You have the ability to teach your child (children) otherwise.  So consider your goals carefully.

Goal setting involves the creation of a systematic action plan aimed at motivating and guiding a group or individual toward a desired goal. Goal setting has been used for a variety of purposes including career advancement, personal development, organizational development, and business development. Goal setting has also been used in education and training programs for organizations and groups. Goal-setting can also be based on SMART criteria, which are described below.

The main purpose of goal setting is to provide a clear and concise goal that enables people to work towards the intended result. The goal should be easy to understand and measurable. It should encourage the person to take a definite course of action and, if followed, would bring desired results. Goal setting may be based on an identified outcome or it can involve the use of the phrase, “a set of actions that will lead to”to reach a definite result.”

Goal Setting is an essential step in attaining personal, professional, or organizational goals. It helps us to focus our efforts on specific goals and enables us to achieve our aims and values. It is also instrumental in motivating people to use appropriate skills and resources for reaching our set goals. Goals must be defined and clearly detailed so that they become part of our lives and we are motivated to do our best.

Goal setting has to include activities and methods to evaluate the success of the efforts of the program. Goal-setting is the key to achieving the purpose and expectations of the plan. It must include evaluation tools like performance measurement systems, benchmarking systems, and project control systems.

There are various home-schooling systems and curriculums to choose from.  You can find one that has tests and benchmarking systems that you want for your child.  As is often mentioned on this blog, participation in a local home-schooling organization may give you resources and access to other like-minded individuals who may  have useful experience and knowledge to share.

The main goal of goal setting is to set and achieve specific targets, as well as attain targets that are within reasonable levels of attainable, and to monitor progress toward those targets. The success of the plan depends on the implementation of a system that controls the resources and ensures effective monitoring and evaluation of the process. The plan must be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the environment.

Goal-setting is a major element of management and personal-development literature. Goal-setting can have many forms, depending on the objectives that are to be achieved.

Goal-setting is a critical element of homeschooling, where the objectives of  educating your children is met through planning your long and short term objectives at the beginning and then followed through with training and nurturing of you children.


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