5 Creative Ways to Build Better Focus

Building better focus cannot be found in a step-by-step guide. It is a process, one that you improve with by practice.   In fact, improving your focus might just be one of the most challenging things you can try to do in the Twenty-First Century. We have limitless distractions, stress from home and work, and information flying at us 24/7.

Below you will find a list of creative ways to work on improving your focus. But what you must remember throughout all the steps is to take inventory consistently. Notice your mental state, what is distracting you, and why is it distracting you. Taking the time to stop and take stock will give you feedback on what is and isn’t working for you, as well as how you are improving along the way.


  1. Consider Your Attention

Throughout the day, stop and consider how much attention you are paying to the task at hand. Are you fully focused? Or are you only half working on a project while thinking about something else?   Write down what is distracting you and solve it during a scheduled home school break or after school.


  1. Consider Your Mood

Consider your mood throughout the day and why it may be that way. This could be affect your attention and focus.  Disconnect from social media drama.  Focus on your children, home school, and concurrent household responsibilities.


  1. Write Down Your Distractions & Look at Them

Every time you catch yourself being pulled away from the task at hand, write down the distraction and what you were doing, then get back to work. At the end of the day, look back on what distracted you and when. You may be able to pinpoint weak points in your day and find ways to remedy those distractions.


  1. Stop and Breath

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in ten different directions?   It is easy to feel that way with all your responsibilities.  Are distractions or kid emergencies becoming overwhelming? Stop and breathe.

You might swap out your schedule occasionally.   Send the kids out for a recess while you take care of a problem.   Be flexible when necessary.


  1. Visualize

You can use visualization at any time to clear your mind and focus on one thing.   Visualize getting the work done and all going well.  Visualize having a peaceful, productive school day.

Building better focus is not a race. It is a journey that takes time and patience.  Keep working at putting into practice tips you learn about focusing, and you will grow in the art of focusing.


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