4 Exercises to Improve Focus

These exercises describe some steps involved in creating better habits.  These are daily tasks and mindsets that will move you closer toward your goals of better focus.


  1. Moving Slow & Leveling Up

Improving your focus isn’t going to happen in a day or even a week. It is a slow process that takes time. This means moving slowly and creating habits that you can build on. Once you master one of the items listed below, or even part of it, level up by stacking another small habit on top or upping the level of the habit.


  1. List Your Distractions

How many times a day does a random thought, a thing to research, or to-do pop into your head? How many times a day to your follow that random thought down a rabbit hole? Keep a pen and paper handy and write down those thoughts when they come to you. Later, when you have a moment, you can handle the item as needed. This will allow you to get back to work quickly.


  3.  Practice Memorization

Memorization takes time, practice, and focus. Start small with a short poem, and slowly build upon what all you can memorize. Memorization is a great way to not only focus entirely on something, but it works your brain by recalling it later.


  4.  Read Items in Their Entirety

How often do you only read the first and last paragraph of an article? Or read the synopsis of a book, but never read the book. Staying focused on even a short article online is impossible for many. Trying reading an entire article from start to finish, then move up to long-form reads and even books.


Your mind is a powerful tool. However, like every other part of your body, it must be used to maintain its power and usefulness. Start practicing the exercises above to start your journey to increasing your focus and mental stamina.


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